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Fotograf vision_studioo Odwiedzin 1109 Ocena ogólna 6.0

O mnie

We met each other in January 2018. I was studying tourism and travel and from time to time I was doing some modelling too. Peter was passionate about landscape photography and he used to work in a hotel during this time. The way we met each other, was at Facebook group. He was looking for a model for a photo shoot as he wanted to start working with people, I was looking for some photo shoot for fun. I found his post and I decided to message him: "Hi! I will be very interested to work with you, but first, let is go for a coffee!" Since that time, we drink coffee together every morning in our shared house where we got our own studio. He is focused on the technical side, I deal with what is shown in the picture. I care about the aesthetics and comfort of the model. I am looking for your bad and good sides to display your beauty! ​We deeply believe that internal and external experience we have, create something special, something that will live forever in your hearts! References you


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Profesja Fotograf
Wiek 25

Zakres pracy

  • Fashion
  • Portret
  • Glamour
  • Akt
  • Edytorial
  • Nagość zakryta
  • Make up / stylizacja